Cluster Initiative

Forestry and Wood
Impact and opportunities for the industry sector in Bavaria

Cluster PuzzleThe forestry and timber industry is economically and socio-politically one of the most important sectors in Bavaria. Research has shown that the sector achieves over € 30 billion in turnover per year. Compared internationally, the large timber reserves and growth volumes, the modern and intact infrastructure, the high performance enterprises and the excellent training of the employees as well as the accredited higher education, research and assessment institutions ensure an outstanding future for further growth in the Bavarian forestry and timber industry.

The forestry and timber sector, therefore, was included in the cluster policy of the Bavarian State Government (Cluster Offensive Bavaria) under the auspices of the Bavarian State Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry.

The main goal is a statewide industry network to develop the potential of industry and science. The Cluster Initiative Forestry and Wood sees itself as providing stimulus for a self-organising and open-structured process.

The mobilisation of the individual economic potential is the main focus. We invite all enterprises, researchers and other interested persons to actively contribute to the Cluster Initiative Forestry and Wood.


Gumpp Alexander kleinRoeder Prof Hubert klein
Alexander Gumpp (l.) and Prof. Dr. Hubert Röder, Cluster Speakers

 Update: 2/11/2021